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Village Government

Pictured (John Gaskey, Lauren Ingebritson, Tom Tepe, Regina Sharp, Judith Lehman, Jeff LeMay and Pax Lindell)


Village Council


Elected Officials and Committees

Mayor:   Tom Tepe –
Member:   John Gaskey – Planning & Zoning–

Member:   Lauren Ingebritson – Public Safety –

Member:   Regina Sharp – Buildings & Grounds –

Member:   Judith Lehman – Rules & Law –

Member:   Jeff LeMay – Finance –
Member:   Pax Lindell – Public Works –


Village Administrator:  Gerald Hayhow -
Chief Fiscal Officer: Katie Lyons - 

Clerk of Council:  Katie Lyons  -
Solicitor:   Jeff Forbes

Ad Hoc Committees

Sewer Feasibility Committee:

​Joe Alter

Carrie Carothers

David Center

John Gaskey

Gerald E Hayhow

Jeff LeMay

Judith Lehman

Pax Lindell

Marc Michaelson

Holly Purcell

Amy Roe

Regina Sharp

Tom Tepe, Chair

Jane Yancey

Sewer Feasibility Minutes Archive



Planning Commission:

Tom Tepe (Chair) --

David Moyer 

Regina Sharp 

Jay Gohman

Hank Roe

Zoning Board of Appeals:

David Moyer (Chair) --

David Brittingham 

Tricia DiMichele 

Steve Holmes 

Dee Walter 

Village Council Contact:

428 Elm Avenue Terrace Park, OH

513-831-2138 fax 513-831-9236


Additional Government information

Building & Zoning Department

Code of Ordinances

Council Minutes Archive

Letter from MSD director

Questions & Answers from MSD



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