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Village Services

Recycling and Trash Pickup
  • As a village service, all residences receive either a large green wheeler or smaller red bin for RECYCLING. A homeowner must then leave the recycling container when moving from the residence. If you are a new resident and your purchased home did not come with a RECYCLING container, please contact the previous owner and try to retrieve the container. If you are unable to reach the previous owner, please contact the village office at 513-831-2138. All damaged RECYCLING containers can be replaced by Rumpke. Please call the Village office for a replacement.  RECYCLING is picked up on Tuesdays.  Place RECYCLING Bins out by 6 a.m. Tuesday, but not before 4 p.m. on Monday.

  • Homeowners provide their own TRASH containers which can be rented from Rumpke or purchased at a hardware store. Rumpke trash collection is paid for by the village and collected every Tuesday. Place cans or bags out by 6 a.m. Tuesday, but not before 4 p.m. on Monday.

  • Yard waste is not collected by Rumpke.  Please leave at the curb and Terrace Park Maintenance will pick up.  Trimmings and waste too small to be pick up with a pitchfork (including leaves out of season) should be placed in brown paper lawn waste bags and left at the curb.

  • To properly dispose of hazardous waste and electronics, please visit Hamilton County Solid Waste District’s website at for local drop off sites.  The Terrace Park Environmental Group periodically collects E Waste and will communicate dates/pickup times.

Large Items Removal

Contact Rumpke at 513-742-2900 at least 24 hours in advance if you have a large item to be collected.

Resident Key Box

You may provide TPPD with a key to your home. In the event of an emergency or a family member is locked out, a key can be retrieved from TPPD’s secure key box. Just drop by the Village office to complete the Key Log form or click here and submit completed form with a key. On the form, a resident may indicate who is able to receive the key from TPPD. Identification will be checked before any keys are released to those listed on the form.  

Vacation Checks

TPPD provides “Vacation Checks” of your property while you are out of town.  Each day of your trip, an officer will check your property and doors to insure that all are secure. If anything suspicious is noted, the officer will contact you and the situation can be addressed. Each time an officer checks your house you will receive an email noting time and date and if everything is OK. To receive a Vacation Check, submit your information here.

Community Building, Village Green or Log Cabin Park area rentals 
  • Community Building

    • Link to rental schedule here

    • Download community building rental agreement or come to the Village Office to fill one out.

    • A $100.00 security deposit must accompany all rentals. 

    • Residents may utilize the kitchen, stage, tables and chairs. 

  • Village Green

    • The Village Green is a wonderful venue for birthday parties, graduation parties, and outdoor events.

    • Link to rental schedule here

    • If there will be more that 25 guests at an event on the Village Green, you are required to rent a porta potty.  You can rent from Rumpke at 513-851-0122.

    • Download village green rental agreement or come to the Village Office to fill one out.

  • Log Cabin 

    • Link to rental schedule here

    • Download log cabin rental agreement or come to the Village Office to fill one out.

    • A $100.00 security deposit must accompany all rentals. 

  • The Village of Terrace Park regulates all solicitors and peddlers. As stated in Terrace Park’s Code of Ordinances, any solicitor who is actively selling or promoting a business MUST obtain a license at the Village office. TPPD has a required form that must be submitted by the solicitor and then background checks are completed. In addition, this 30 day license costs $25.00. Once approved, Chief Hayhow will present the solicitor with a badge that must be visible at all times while in Terrace Park. If someone approaches your residence to sell or promote anything, ask to see their badge! If this person does not have an approved badge from TPPD, call the Village office immediately.

  • This application process does not apply to anyone representing a religious or charitable non-for-profit organization, including political candidates. A license is not required for these individuals.

  • If you prefer to not be approached by any type of solicitor, the Village office has signs for your front door stating “No canvassers, peddlers, solicitors”. To receive one of these signs, stop by TPVO.

Environmental Services Area (ESA) and Yard Waste Permits
  • The Environmental Services Area is located across from the Village Green on Elm Avenue. Acceptable materials must be sorted to conform to the categories described below and deposited in the proper areas for contractor disposal. All yard waste must be from Terrace Park.  Contractors must stop by the Village Office to complete a “Yard Waste Permit” before dumping any material in the ESA.  The following items may be disposed of:

    • Grass, leaves, small weeds, flowers- to be mixed for composting

    • Woody Materials-less than 3”diameter-Large Weeds

    • Logs and Large Brush over 3” diameter, sawed to firewood length and left with the firewood.

    • Dirt and rocks.

Brush and Leaf Pick up

The Village of Terrace Park Maintenance Department picks up brush the beginning of each week.  Trimmings and waste too small to be picked up with a pitchfork should be placed in brown paper lawn waste bags and left at the curb.  Residents are always welcome to dispose of yard waste at Environmental Services. During Fall Leaf Pickup, the maintenance department follows a specific route through the village for leaf removal. At this time, weekly brush pick up is suspended.  PLEASE DO NOT MIX LEAVES AND BRUSH. Leaf piles should be free of rocks, bricks, and foreign material as these items can lead to costly equipment repairs and delays in leaf removal for the Village. Also, please do not push leaf piles in the street. 

Village Trees
  • A computerized tree inventory is maintained by the Village of Terrace Park. Information contained in the database includes location, species, size, and condition of over 3000 street trees. The program allows for the tracking of work requests through completion, providing a complete work history of individual trees. All of these trees are located in the Village right-of-way and are part of a comprehensive forestry management plan. Both public and private streets are valuable resources and contribute significantly to the quality of life in Terrace Park.

  • The map on file in the Village Office may help in determining if a tree is part of the urban forestry plan or is privately owned. The right-of-ways in Terrace Park vary from 20-60 feet. By using an imaginary line in the center of the street and measuring half the distance of the indicated right-of-way to the abutting property, you may be able to determine responsibility for a particular specimen.

  • Terrace Park is a Tree City USA. Read more at Tree City USA.

  • Mark Castator- Urban Forester 513-675-0024

Village Right of Way-Signage

The Village Bulletin Boards are for government use only. These boards are located on Village property and therefore, are regulated under Chapter 1137 of the Zoning Code. The entire Zoning Code may be accessed on this site. Any non-government signs placed on the bulletin boards are subject to removal by TPPD. Why do we need strict sign regulation? If the Village allows certain “approved” signage, then the Village would need to allow all signs to be placed on the bulletin boards from any person or organization, i.e. non-Terrace Park residents, etc. Otherwise, the Village could face legal action by these persons or organizations. To avoid potential expensive legal battles for the Village, your government officials enforce the Code.

The best way to advertise an event in Terrace Park is tplist serve or to put signs in resident yards. For more information, please contact TPVO at 513-831-2138.

Terrace Park Directory

Terrace Park Directories are available in the Village office for $10 each.   Proceeds go to the Terrace Park Historical Society which produces a directory every other year.   If you are a new resident and would like to include your phone number in the next directory, please contact the Terrace Park Historical Society at

At Risk Residents
If you would like to be added to the list, you can click here or stop by the office to fill out a confidential form.  Responding officers, Fire and EMS will have information instantly on any special circumstance that is important to a particular address, such as special medications, equipment or physical limitations.  

Condition Report

Need to Report something unusual? Street lights out or any other potential safety issues. Provide us the details so we can take the necessary actions here.

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