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Zoning & Building Guide (pdf)
Zoning Certificate Application (pdf)

Permitted Construction Hours (pdf)

Zoning Variance Request Forms 

If planned construction does not meet zoning regulations, you’ll need to modify plans or acquire a zoning variance. The Zoning Board of Appeals meets monthly to consider requests for zoning variations. Paperwork must be completed well in advance of the meeting due to publication requirements.


Zoning Code Variance Request Submittal Requirements (PDF)

Zoning Variance Request Form (PDF)

2023 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting Dates/Deadlines

For your information:
Hamilton County Building Department Info.
or call  513-946-4550

Sewage Treatment Systems- Hamilton County Public Health Info.
Hamilton County Property Addition/M
odification Fact Sheet (pdf)


Planning Commission:

Tom Tepe (Chair) --

David Moyer 

John Gaskey

Jay Gohman

Hank Roe

Zoning Board of Appeals:

David Moyer (Chair) --

David Brittingham 

Tricia DiMichele 

Steve Holmes 

Dee Walter 

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