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Maintenance Department

Dave Evanchyk – Supervisor

Crew:  Tim McLemore,  Steve Fuhrman

428 Elm Avenue Terrace Park OH 45174

Tel: 513-831-2138  Fax: 513-831-9236

The duties of the Maintenance Department include but are not limited to maintenance of all parks and other Village owned properties, minor road repairs, snow removal and collection of brush and leaves. The Maintenance Department has three full time staff members. 


Brush and Leaf Pick up

The Village of Terrace Park Maintenance Department picks up brush the beginning of each week.  Trimmings and waste too small to be picked up with a pitchfork should be placed in brown paper lawn waste bags and left at the curb.  Residents are always welcome to dispose of yard waste at Environmental Services. During Fall Leaf Pickup, the maintenance department follows a specific route through the village for leaf removal. At this time, weekly brush pick up is suspended.  PLEASE DO NOT MIX LEAVES AND BRUSH. Leaf piles should be free of rocks, bricks, and foreign material as these items can lead to costly equipment repairs and delays in leaf removal for the Village. Also, please do not push leaf piles in the street. Please note: Leaf pick up start and finish will be posted on our website, sent out via codered and posted on our facebook page.

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