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Urban Forestry

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Urban Forestry


Terrace Park’s Urban Forestry initiative began with the planting of 1600 trees in the late 1890’s.  Although there was some criticism of species selection, spacing and even utility pruning as early as 1911, these trees continued to flourish. Given care, protection and good growing conditions many these specimens were recorded in an inventory prepared in 1982. The average life of a tree under urban conditions is about 50 years. There may still be a few village trees that have passed a century mark and continue to contribute to the quality of life in Terrace Park.  We had to remove several ‘originals’ since 2014; three sugar maples, one black oak and in 2022 a sugar maple with over 130 growth rings!!!


A comprehensive and evolving Urban Forestry Program, initiated in 1983, will continue to provide the Village with the many benefits it has received from the original plantings.

Memorial Tree Program

This program is designed to allow past and present residents to memorialize family and friends associated with Terrace Park. The tree and planting cost is $250.00 and is tax deductible. Although Village tree planting is decided upon by the Village Arborist, the Arborist will be happy to discuss your preferred location and planting season. All decisions will be based on Village need and type of tree. The tree will then be maintained by the Village under its Special Tree Maintenance Program. A plaque, located in the Community Building, is available to inscribe the name of the person(s) who is being honored.  If there are any questions, please contact the Village Office 513-831-2138.

Schedule of Tree Maintenance


  • Winter pruning, shape and prune young trees. Residents are invited to join the arborist and learn how to prune trees, no labor required, contact the Village Office.


  • Trees are evaluated for condition and declining trees are marked with a red dot for ongoing observation or current year removal. Duke is informed of trees that have branches too close to power lines for tree service removal.


  • Trees for removal are put out to bid.


  • Trees for removal are assigned and removed.  Residents are notified by the Arborist of pending removals, stump grinding and new plantings. Watering of this year’s street plantings during severe drought.


  • Stumps are ground deeply, if possible, and cleaned up from trees recently cut. Grass only areas are repaired.


  • New trees are planted in existing locations and or new locations.

  • Deadwood prune at least 1/6th of the streets

What is a village tree?


A computerized tree inventory is maintained by the Village of Terrace Park. Information contained in the database includes location, species, size, and condition of over 2800 street trees. The program allows for the tracking of work requests through completion, providing a complete work history of individual trees. All of these trees are in the Village right-of-way and are part of a comprehensive forestry management plan. Both public and private streets are valuable resources and contribute significantly to the quality of life in Terrace Park. The rights-of-way in Terrace Park vary form 30-60 feet but do not always evenly parallel the street. If you wish to see where your property line abuts the rights-of-way and where Village trees can be placed, refer to our Davy Tree software. This shows all our trees’ information as well as property lines. It has several ways to view the information, I suggest you start with the layers.


Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System (CAGIS) website is another good source.


1. Find Terrace Park and zoom in on your street.


2. Look at the box of four squares at the top left, click on the box. Click on the selection marked “property”.


3. You can sect a second feature like ‘aerial photography’ and the two features meld using a blending bar.


4. You should be able to see trees and property lines at the same time. Adjust this and zoom further to what is easiest for you to view.




Jerry Frankenhoff


Village of Terrace Park - Urban Forester

ISA Certified Arborist OH 6592A

428 Elm Street, Terrace Park, OH  45174
P: 513.831.2138    F: 513.831.9236


ISA TRAQ Qualification

International Society of Arboriculture

Issued Feb 2013  Expires Nov 2025

Board Certified Master Arborist

International Society of Arboriculture

Issued Nov 2021  Expires Dec 2024

Credential ID OH-6267BM

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