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Septic Regulation Requirement Update

Terrace Park Village Council Finalizes Septic Agreement with Hamilton County Board of Health

The Mayor and Terrace Park Council finalized an agreement on 4/11/2022 with the Hamilton County Board of Health (HCBH) to amend requirements related to replacement of traditional dry well septic systems.  


This agreement allows residents to continue operating these systems until 12/31/2045 and changes the requirements for system replacement associated with material or meaningful home improvements.  


There are two issues addressed with this agreement:

1) The State of Ohio banned traditional drywell septic systems and gave enforcement responsibility of the same to HCBH effective 5/11/2015.  This 2015 deadline was then extended to 12/31/2025 (+10 years) to allow Terrace Park and other localities to evaluate alternatives (i.e. sewers).  This new agreement extends the deadline until 12/31/2045 (+ 20 years from 2025) without giving up the right for further negotiation or if needed, litigation.  


2) The current HCBH requirement forces residents with traditional drywells to replace them with newer and costly (i.e. $30K +) aerobic/mechanical systems when making any "material" or "meaningful" change to their home (think building permit issuance). This new agreement unifies septic system upgrade requirements consistent with rules in place for the newer systems. These requirements are available on the HCBH website and are captured in Section 3 "Material Improvement" in our agreement.  


A sewer alternative was ruled out due significant Metropolitan Sewer District capital cost (with no payout), the investment required of our residents and the impact that sewers would have upon our roads, trees and Drackett Field (a large pumping station required on or near). 


Council wishes to thank Terrace Park resident Bill Hayes and his law firm Frost, Brown and Todd for their legal expertise and work with members of our committee.


Click here for the Agreement

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Additional questions can be directed via email to

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