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You can register for CodeRED using your

Facebook, Google or Twitter logins!


Do I have to re-register with CodeRED? No, this will only affect new CodeRED registrations. All current accounts will remain the same

Can I create a new registration without Facebook, Google or Twitter accounts?  Yes, you can still register without creating an account or create an account using any email.

Will this impact my current registration? No, existing accounts will not be affected by this new feature, you can still use your original log-in.

Does using my Gmail, Facebook or Twitter account credentials impact the security of my account? No, these trusted partners will maintain a higher level of security for your information. CodeRED will not have access to your information through these additional platforms. Our support team will not be able to access account details once an account is created through a Gmail, Facebook or Twitter credential. Important note: If you forget your password, CodeRED will not be able to recover it for you.

Can I re-register under my Gmail, Facebook or Twitter account? Yes, however you will need to contact the CodeRED client support team to delete your existing account. They can be reached Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm at (866) 939-0911.

Will CodeRED have access to any of my personal information in these accounts? No, your information will be kept secure and CodeRED will not have access into your Gmail, Twitter or Facebook account details.

What if I forget my password? If you forget or misplace your password you will need to go to the platform you selected—Gmail, Facebook or Twitter—and reset your password. Once you do so, you will be able to access your CodeRED registration with the new password you create. This is an important detail to tell residents because once they register with Gmail, Facebook or Twitter, we will not be able to reset their password or access it for them.

Once created, how do I edit my contact information for the CodeRED service? If you register with Gmail, Facebook or Twitter, you will be able to edit your own information by logging into the system with one of these three trusted partners.

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